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Sin on the Beach is a brand created by a graphic design artist Anna Kustikova. The path that lead her to the creation of her brand began a long time ago, when Anna was still a child. Anna was always very fond of drawing, as a child she attended drawing classes and art school. After graduating from high school - she became a student of the Latvian Academy of Arts - the Department of Graphic Design. Here Anna mastered the wonderful techniques of watercolor painting and silkscreen printing, both of which she uses to produce her collections. At the same time Anna developed a love for detail, which can be observed in her works today. After successfully completing her studies and receiving her diploma, with all the love for painting and graphics, Anna's career took a sharp turn and she plunged into the world of glossy journalism. In Latvia, where Anna comes from and where she works now, the early 2000s were just the beginning for the fashion industry. Anna began as an assistant fashion stylist for photo shoots, and since become one of the most prominent stylists of Latvia. Her graphics skills were left simmering on the side burner, but not forgotten - Anna regularly made collages and illustrations for local editions of such magazines as L'Officiel, FHM, and Cosmopolitan. 


In 2013, Anna had a son, and as it often happens - her former world started losing its relevance and she began directing her attention inward. As a result of her inner explorations Anna created a series of illustrations titled "Seven Deadly Sins". The illustrations lead to the creation of her brand Sin on the Beach, named after the illustrations, and the first collection of swimsuits with prints was created. Later, two more collections of beachwear were made and shown within the framework of Riga Fashion Week - seasons SS2014 and SS2015. However, it became clear that her illustrations would always be secondary to the swimsuits, and not always readable. For the story to be told her illustrations needed to be more readable and after searching for style, technical solutions and materials, there came a feeling that shawls are that perfect combination - they are both a fashion accessory and an ideal canvas, and so in 2015 the first collection of shawls appeared. Every shawl is an artwork with its own story, where the composition is precisely inscribed in the perfect square that is a scarf. Anna's love for fashion is also as strong as ever - she continues to style photo shoots for her fashion designer friends and her own brand. 


Initially, shawls were made using the photo collage technique, as a continuation of the collage method. However, Anna wanted to give them more expressiveness and artistic value. Later, details of prints were drawn separately and added together using computer design techniques. Now the process of creating a scarf is unique: every shawl is hand painted in full size on silk, then photographed and finally reproductions are made by a state of the art Italian factory, with which the brand has been successfully cooperating for several years.

The brand is successful at home, it is published in the fashion press, participates in exhibitions and is adored among smart, independent women, who are not strangers to self-irony.

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